Facilities & Infrastructure

Administrative Building
We have separate building to administer our programme properly. A strong foundation is laid to the building with earthquake proof. To foster our management programme effectively, we have different related offices in this block. It is situated in the heart of our Campus. The Building features the faculty and staff offices, meetings’ space, and the mailroom. The building entrance is from South direction. The entrance has reception facing towards the east-north direction. In addition to the main entrance, we have the Principal office and in front is Vice Principal office. Faculty room is at the second floor with basic requirements like separate vault for separate faculties.  Account s and Admission offices are on the ground floor. The first floor contains Chairman’s Office. CCTV cameras are installed in the block for safety purpose.
Take a look at Administrative building

The building consists of Following Departments:
  1. Chairman Office-
  2. Principal Office- The Head of the Institution
  3. Vice Principal Office
  4. Faculty Room
  5. Account Department
  6. Reception
  7. Admission Office
  8. Store Department

 Education Building

This building is extremely strong in terms of its foundation. There is one class room in every floor consisting of total 4 classrooms. Spacious classrooms are equipped with projectors, whiteboards and First Aid Kits. Water dispensers are present outside of every class and required measures of safety have been taken. The following are the list of rooms present in this building:
  1. BBA Class Rooms  -   4
  2. Seminar Hall         -1
  3. Rest Rooms          - 9
  4. CCTV Cameras - 7

The library’s main entrance is located on the east side of the second floor. The entrance is 5 feet from the left side of the building and has automatic double sliding door. Inside the entrance lobby, about fifteen feet from the doors, there are side –by-side passage-ways through the anti-theft security sensors.
The south side of the floor is where the general collection is located. At the first west end of the south is the library instruction area. In the centre, we have four bookshelves. These are equipped with all the Required BBA books. At the South end wall there is a big square reading table.

The library has been made equipped with the relevant books meeting the syllabus of Purvanchal University as well as many outside books. Additional are:
  1. Magazines
  2. Journals
  3. Facilities

Sports and Recreation
The campus has a medium ground where there is a facility for playing Volley ball, badminton and small jogging tracks. Available indoors games are Table tennis and chess. Smart class and conference rooms are also made available for recreation activity.

  1. Indoor games- Table Tennis and Chess Room
  2. Outdoor games- Volley ball and Badminton
  3. Activity Room-  Smart class and Conference Room
Computer Lab

The lab runs Windows 7 or 8.1 with standards lab software installed. Macintosh Computers run Windows 7 in a dual boot configuration with Macintosh OS 10.6 OR 10.7 as the primary operation system .Additional software may be available by instructors’ request provided that: the request is made well enough in advance, proper licensing and /or authorization is available, and the software is compatible with  our standards lab configuration for the particular platform. There are 8 computers in the lab.
A well equipped canteen is here in the college campus. The canteen has a large space to sit around. It has seating arrangements so that students can sit and enjoy their delicious. Filtered water is used for drinking. A box with compartments carrying cooking gears and eating utensils are present. CCTV Camera is installed for security purpose.

  1. Kitchen
  2. Table and Chairs
  3. Coffee machine
  4. Freeze

Student Life
Our College is dedicated to help students experience college life at its fullest. We have commitments towards creating an environment where students can thrive and explore maximum knowledge. Here we have professional programs that help students to understand the professional culture which is the need of today. Here students can enjoy and have their delicious in the canteen and refresh themselves in the small green park that we have.


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