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Report on Management Symposium
Date: 2073/01/24/ Friday
Venue: Raddison Hotel
Organised by: Kathmandu College of Management
Topic: Entrepreneurship
Chief Guest: Mr. Kamal Thapa (Foreign Minister of Nepal)

1 Mr. Chetan Bhandari Restructruing Business with Growth
2 Mr. Santoshi Rana Enterprise for the Society
3  Mr.Yogendra Shakya Exploring Nepal’s strength in Tourism
4 Mr. Manjil Rana Enterprise for the society
5 Mr. Biwas Dhakal Restructruing Business with Growth
6 Mr. Kashyap Shakya Jugaad: An odyssey of scarcity and innovation

International Speakers; Dr. Pacapol Anurit
Participant: (BBA-3rd semester students) Muskan Shrestha, Trija Shrestha, Mina Ghatani, Rasana Lama
Objective: This Seminar focuses on the belief that Convergence of powerful ideas and those who can make these ideas work. The message spread was that new ideas should be explored and the gap between the opinion leader of today should be shorten
Description: The seminar was of important valuw to all those seeking new business or innovations. All the speakers mainly focussed on great ideas which are only the beginning of a business. It cannot alone predict how the business will follow through. The session helped participants move beyond thespace of creating ideas, towards a more pragmatic approach to developing stronger business ventures. The focussed on how to bring together aspirants entrepreneurs and innovators to examine issues on how to build a business from the ground up, and also to take a look into some remarkable business and their inside stories.
Every speaker shared their personal experience and gave new ideas to the young generation to manager or utilizes their time in proper manner and builds the successful carrer. Dr. Pacapol Anurit stated that how an encouragement to ideas can be constructive and develop into unique business concepts. Mr. Yogendra Shakya talked about the SWOT analysis of tourism industry. He approached that shortcoming should be removed and young ideas should be promoted to increase the tourism business.
Feeddback: Students are highly motivated and they have wished that they would like to participate in such seminar because such platforms gives them to exchange their ideas and get lot of information which will help them to shape their carrer.


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