Message from Vice-cAMPUS CHIEF

Dear Students,

I’d like to personally welcome and congratulate you on making this important decision. Your decision to choose Southwestern Business College will make possible a life full of opportunities and will give you skills to gain greater control over your own destiny. Southwestern Business College is a unique institution providing you a higher business learning prospect, where educational excellence, professional know-how, and up to date both national and international standards are combined with individual attention and a friendly atmosphere, giving rise to a top-notch education.

At Southwestern, the business program is designed in such a way that all of the acquired knowledge and skills will be valuable to its graduates, providing a practical and solid foundation for the student’s future. We conceit ourselves both on the quality of our education and its significance in today’s professional world. We make sure that every part of our students’ education serves a purpose and brings them closer to accomplishing their professional goals. I encourage you to discover for yourself the distinctive character of Southwestern Business College. Our outstanding and rigorous curriculum, excellent faculty and expedient facilities provide all the necessary components to ensure our students’ path to a winning future.

Thank You.

Mrs. Prakriti Koirala Pokharel

Vice- Campus Chief

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