Message from cAMPUS CHIEF

In the new millennium, the world in general and our country in particular have witnessed all round revolution in various fields. Obviously ‘education’ is one of them. Never before have we experienced such tremendous awakening in the field of ‘Management’, so we are prepared for the future challenges and will provide our students to reach the global heights in the areas of management. Since last twenty plus years, people with curiosity in doing the things in best possible ways and ability to make it happen have made the difference in a splendid way. Definitely, that required not only the knowledge part but also the magnetism of mechanism to transform that acquired/ inner/shared knowledge into reality – which required a combination of efforts. With that very realization, SWBC has offered its commitment towards maintaining the quality of Management education.  We aspire to reach to perfection, and strive hard to come closer to the same.

Thanking You

Dr. Jayahari Raj Pandey

Campus Chief

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